Tiger Woods playing Kinect on Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 13

In Stores March 27 - Pre Order Today bit.ly See Tiger Woods behind the scenes playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 on Kinect for Xbox 360 for the first time.
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25 Responses to “ Tiger Woods playing Kinect on Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 13 ”

  1. He fucks mad bitches.?

  2. Kinda awkward for him. You need to put him in a room full? of blondes

  3. Tiger woods is a cocky arrogant ass hole sometimes, but he’s still my favorite golfer. He’s like Kobe Bryant, you love and hate them at the same time, but love to? watch them play. Their both good at what they do, and are legends at their sport.

  4. @lukemajer He probably? doesn’t

  5. Right, you’re? very smart. Hahaha

  6. haha 33,333 views? yes!

  7. he’s such an unfriendly? douche

  8. @onenewshoe keep hoping it will? come unanswered

  9. Nobody will ever win more majors? before the age of 30, he IS the man. Hope he wins a couple this year.

  10. god i would love? to hang out with tiger

  11. @lukemajer he doesn’t he just has his name on the box? for the paycheck aside the point i do love these games

  12. Tiger woods? probably has an about golf simulator.

  13. @1:27 tiger trying to cheat on his own game.lol?

  14. best review and? gameplay on my channel

  15. lol looking at Tiger? in this vid I can read his mind… *K can you game geeks hurry the hell up with this shit – I got Kate Upton wearing her birthday suit back home on my private course*

  16. Tiger seems? like a really cool guy

  17. @lukemajer I don’t think its that he doesn’t want to be there. He just looks tired. He probably did a couple of holes in the? car park before entering the building.

  18. hes really? not helping them at all lol

  19. @DanKakkoii I would be? annoyed too if the game designers didn’t research about golf and barely knew their own games.

  20. tiger is acting like he is better than everyone else, what a loser.

  21. those guys looks there afraid to talk to him also seem clueless about their? own game.

  22. @BEANIEINAEB really?? yeah man. they have an endorsement deal with him. i think they’ve promoted each othe rpretty darn well the past what? decade now? what was the first game? cyber tiger? you were him as a kid and then grew up and played until he was on the tour. pretty cool game at the time. so them doing the legacy mode will be cool. i wonder how much you will get ot play as tiger when he is younger.

  23. dang. that kinect stuff sounds pretty crazy. wow. actually making a golf swing? im just gonna grab a wedge or something and swing that when i play it haha. that would be really? really cool.

  24. Stop concentrating on improving the graphics and take a note from classic golf games such as? Lee Carvello’s Putting Challenge.

  25. @BEANIEINAEB Yes, they are? in a contract with him. Technically it’s HIS game, EA Sports just makes it.

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