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How far would a 2 and 3 nike sumo SQ2 hybrid golf club go with a full swing?

How far would a 2 and 3 nike sumo SQ2 hybrid golf club go with a full swing?,
and is it hard to hit them?

Nike Golf SQ Sumo 5000 Offset Driver

41mR0hUglEL. SL160  Nike Golf SQ Sumo 5000 Offset Driver

  • Grip: Nike Stock Rubber
  • Length/Lie: Standard/Standard
  • Headcover: Included (Matching)

Product Description
Trying to find the middle with the long ball? Looking for some shape to your shot? Thanks to SQ SUMO geometry, the strategically located center of gravity gives you the freedom to work the ball and laugh in the face of even the most sadistic course designers. Features:
SQ SUMO 5000 Geometry: The deep-faced profile and rounded Nike PowerBow design offer the best in performance options, allowing you to hit it long and straight, or shape it like the games best pla... More >>

Nike Golf SQ Sumo 5000 Offset Driver

Introducing the Nike Sq Sumo, Callaway Ft-i, Titleist 909dcomp and Ping G10

When you get on the tee and are taking that powerful golf swing and driving that golf ball down the fairway, a common error that needs correction is the general belief that the harder you hit an object the farther it travels. Sure this may be true in a strictly scientific sense, but in golf it may not be entirely correct. This is because of two very important variables, the club design and the way the human body behaves. The primary and most important step in driving is to set up like any other golf swing shot. For a good drive it is essential that you have a relaxed attitude and make a swing in a relaxed manner. This will help you drive the golf ball to a greater distance and with increased accuracy.

 Now the only thing left is using the right club. Which club is best for you? Here is a list of some of the newest clubs on the market today. all of these clubs have introduced some of the lates technology and will improve upon your driving capabilities.

 The Ping G10 has a large titanium head that will produce, at the moment of inertia, a larger sweet spot for greater forgiveness and consistency off the tee. No need to muscle your shot, no need to get all tensed up. The Ping G10 has a newly designed crown pattern that has discretionary weight distribution inside the head. The G10 will give you a higher launch and lower spin at impact. the Ping G10 comes in loft sizes ranging from 7.5 degrees to 13.5 degrees and both left hand and right hand models.

 Callaway Golf has introduced the FT-i which is "fusion technology" This technology was developed by the feedback given to them from tour professionals. Sort of like if you had your wish to design the ideal club...what would that be? Well this is what came out of that feedback. This is a whole new idea on what a driver should be. Like many of the other clubs is does distribute the weight evenly. The design will produce a lower center of gravity, reducing spin and generating a longer, penetrating ball flight. A carbon body and titanium face gives this club better stability and distance. Available in 8.5 degrees in right hand only. The 9.5 degree loft is available in both left and right hand. The Callaway FT is clearly a revolutionary golf club.

 Nike golf has come out with the SQ Sumo and claims it to be the straightest and most accurate club on the market today. They have repositioned the weight to the farthest corners and have optimized the head stability. the club face is designed to maximize the ball speed from any point contact is made. A deeper face, convex crown and a unique body design, this club will launch the ball with greater speed and accuracy. The Nike SQ Sumo is available in 8.5 degree loft up to 13 degree lofts. The 8.5 and 11.5 degree lofts are only available in right hand, all other lofts have right and left hand.

 The Titleist 909DCOMP titanium driver is pear shaped composite construction delivering a high launch with low to mid spin. An integrated titanium hosel design save weight and provides solid feel. The composite crown creates lower spin, higher launch and straighter drives.

 These clubs will improve your game, as long as you remember to take that relaxed golf swing approach. no need to get all tensed up or muscle the ball. Buy the club, whether it is the Ping G10, the Callaway Ft, or the Nike Sumo and allow the club to do the work.



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