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Everybodys coming to Green Oak Golf Carts

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The Funny Golf T-Shirts I Love To Wear, And Why!

In the distant past, golf was a game for rich people and elites. Guess what? The times have changed, old guys! Golf is one of the most fun games around, there are tons of great courses out there that don't require a six-figure income, and I can usually drink beer the whole time I play. Incidentally, my game gets worse as the day goes on, but that has to just be a coincidence. The rules of the course are a bit more relaxed where I go, so my funny golf t-shirts are perfectly acceptable to wear. Here's a few of my favorites, and why I like them so much.

The first, and probably my favorite, of my funny golf t-shirts is my "Golf Hero" shirt done in the style of the "Guitar Hero" logo. "Guitar Hero" is super popular, and I must say that I'm pretty good at it. Not nearly as good as I am at golf, though. When I wear my "Golf Hero" shirt to the course, people take notice and dig it a lot. I've had so many people ask me where I got it, but I'm not telling. I'm not trying to start a trend!

The second-favorite of my funny golf t-shirts is an ode to my golfing hero. No, it doesn't have Tiger Woods or Jack Nicholson on it. As a matter of fact, my golf hero isn't even real. Chevy Chase's character from "Caddyshack" has to be the coolest golf player ever to hit a ball. Ty Webb was everything I want to be as a golfer, and my t-shirt that has his face on it is one of the best shirts ever made.

One of my funny golf t-shirts says "It's golf : thirty." That shirt fits me to a tee (no pun intended). If there is anything I'm willing to drop my plans for, it's golf. I've had girlfriends dump me over golf before, and I'm sure that it won't be the last time. My mother told me once that I needed to get my priorities straight, and I promptly told her, "They are."

It really doesn't matter which of my funny golf t-shirts I wear, they always brighten my mood when I go out to play. They also seem to bring a few grins to the faces of the people I see. If I'm known for anything at the courses I go to, it's for swearing; wearing funny gold t-shirts, and breaking clubs. I'm starting to think that I might want to work on my attitude a bit.

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Golf Clubs: Do Custom Made Clubs Improve Your Game?

Golf can either be one of the most relaxing experiences or for many, an extremely frustrating one. For those who view it as frustrating, don't worry, you're not alone. Many golfers may see gradual improvements over the course of a few years, but may stagnate and become confused unto why this may be the case. Analysing swing, among other aspects can be debilitating - so there is another option, alter your golf club to a more custom made version.

By acquiring and using a custom made golf club, the size and swing among other factors can be analysed in accordance with your own personal attributes. Also, repairs will probably not be necessary, given your stance being set and aligned so that any golf misplacement is reduced. The costs, especially for experienced players can be easily relatable, in that, over the years, total costs can be quite significant - and arguably, substantially more than buying a 'custom made' version.

By depicting a scenario within a golf course, this will help establish a custom golf club's significance. When you look around the course, you will instantly notice that no one looks the same, whether that relates to size, stature or posture; many individuals will have many unique requirements that are individual to them. But within mass produced varieties, they will generally be universally designed, with little or no difference between each other. Therefore, by having varying versions, it can then be made compatible to the wants and needs of a particular person.

Granted, costing issues can be regarded as a turn off, but in a number of cases, there is only a marginal difference between mass produced and custom made classes. And when you consider the long term implications associated with repairs and damages (which incidentally could have been as a result of frustration caused by the mass-produced club); then the cost should never be considered as a hindrance.

Results can be recognised quite quickly in many circumstances; however, for those who may take time to adapt to the new adjustments, this is normal. Although this is designed specifically for your needs, your natural style may have been changed by continuously using a different club; so once you apply patience, the natural swing will come into fruition, resulting in high impact swings.

For the best advice on choosing the right set of golf clubs, visit your nearest golf shop and speak to a salesperson.

Synthetic Putting Green Installation

Watch as we install a synthetic putting green in front of our shop in Wickliffe Ohio. This job was completed in one day.

We used an ALL PRO green and Black Beauty coal slag infill.

For more info...

Golf Cart Seat Cover, Green Golf Bag Print

51m2iIPoCYL. SL160  Golf Cart Seat Cover, Green Golf Bag Print

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Product Description
golf cart seat cover that easily transfers from golf cart to golf cart. This golf cart seat cover is created from high-quality, washable fabrics, which are lightly quilted to end the discomfort of cold vinyl seats in winter and hot seats in summer. The seat cover is reversible and will not slip, slide or fall off a seat, due to the grommets with ties to attach to the cart. This is a great useful gift.... More >>

Golf Cart Seat Cover, Green Golf Bag Print

Golf TV – Installing a Backyard Putting Green with TourLinks.net

In our first episode of 2010 BunkerShot.com GOLF TV shows how we built our Tour Links outdoor golf studio putting green. Thanks again to www.TourLinks.net for their help!
Video Rating: 4 / 5