How did Tiger Woods’ car accident lead to the uncovering of a string of sex scandals?

Initially, I saw a news story about Tiger Woods being involved in a car accident in front of his family home. The story suggested that he had not been drinking. Then the nights that followed, the news uncovered that he had been involved in a string of sex scandals... the story just kept escalating. Just how are the two stories related, and why did he get uncovered immediately after the accident?

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  1. Have you been living in Kazakhstan? The accident story was suspicious and prying minds put one and one together and got 13. Turns out Tiger is a player and not just on the links.

  2. Michael Jackson supposedly had a skin disorder. And Tiger Woods is a cheater. Shyt just comes up.

  3. yes of course it did

  4. After (or before) the accident his wife busted his car window with one of his golf clubs. This was suspicious because she hit the back window and then said she did it to get him out of the car following the accident. Many people suspected that his wife broke the window after a fight because of his cheating. This led to a lot of questions about his relationships with other women. Then the sex scandal. That’s how the stories are related.

  5. Just about everything Tiger has said is a lie. He’s an accomplished liar as he’s been doing it for years. He won’t get better or change because he thinks he has done nothing wrong. Get used to it.

  6. I believe the sex-scandal broke in a supermarket tabloid just prior to the accident, and in fact, was the underlying cause of the mishap. However, had the accident not happened, the sex-scandal would probably still have escalated…but perhaps not as rapidly.

  7. The Tiger Woods Saga goes on. About 98% of the story is rank speculation at this point. The fact is only a handful of people know what happened the night of the wreck or what he’s been up to while tom-cattin’ around, and none of them have much to say on either topic.

    But Tiger’s a celebrity and that means people will leap to the conclusions they want, taking care only to avoid the attention of lawyers bearing defamation and libel suits. Beware of suits with suits! That’s about the only rule. The only thing we like more than creating celebrities, sometimes out of the most meager raw materials, is destroying them for having failed to meet our standards for celebrities.

    So who cares what really happened or who Tiger’s cheated with? Facts be damned! This is a morality play now.

    Absent facts, the whole thing becomes like a Rorschach inkblot test designed to reveal the mysterious inner workings of the zeitgeist. The actual material doesn’t mean much, but our reactions tell us a lot. Since the subject matter is mostly about marital relations and domestic violence, those are what we learn about from people’s reactions to the tedious saga of the Lady with the Sand Wedge and the Tiger.

    We’ve had the standard-issue misrepresentations of domestic violence by the likes of Slate. And we’ve had Saturday Night Live making light of domestic violence against men. No surprise there; popular culture seems better than it used to be, but violence against men by women is still almost invariably depicted as at least acceptable and often an affirmative good. And often enough, it’s played for laughs, as with SNL.

    But there’s also an article in a mainstream newspaper (Philadelphia Daily News, 12/4/09). It’s an op-ed by attorney Christine Flowers that points out that, for example, even if Woods has committed adultery, that doesn’t entitle his wife to attack him with a golf club. After all, every perpetrator of DV has an excuse for doing it. “He said I looked fat!” “She’s getting too friendly with another guy!” Isn’t our whole opposition to DV based on the assumption that violence is not an acceptable response, regardless of the provocation?

    Flowers points out the double standard in how the media depict DV. The SNL sketch would never have shown a man attacking a woman, but a woman attacking a man is comedy.

    And from her viewpoint as an attorney, she’s seen DV go both ways. She’s under no illusions that only men attack women or that only women are injured by an intimate partner. And she doesn’t pretend that the legal system is fair to men. She points to the Lorena Bobbitt and the “Burning Bed” cases as ones in which, if the sexes had been reversed, the men would be doing long stretches in prison.

    But it is unconscionable to have one standard for women, and another for men. You can say that men are physically stronger – but that surely isn’t always the case. You can also point to a history of gender inequality which for years guaranteed that women would be forced to stay in a dangerous relationship for economic reasons.

    But times have changed. We can’t put our heads in the sand and pretend that women aren’t as capable of abuse as their male partners, and that they are always the financial underdog.

    There’s a lot of sociology that Flowers doesn’t seem to know about who commits DV, under what circumstances and why, and who the victims are. But her op-ed is a measure of how far we’ve come in gaining a wide-spread public understanding of DV. Not nearly far enough, but much further than just a few years ago.

  8. Here’s a fun, short game about Tiger and the mistresses (in source below)

  9. The reason why the car crash is such a huge factor and in fact the trigger incident in the whole Tiger Woods scandal is because it happened two days after the Nation Enquirer ran a story exposing Tiger’s affair with his first admitted mistress Rachel Uchitel. The key piece of the car crash story was the initial LIE that Tiger’s wife Elin had broken out the back window of his Cadillac Escalade to save him. Everyone knew she really broke out the window attacking him when she learned of his affair.

    Once news broke that Tigers wife whipped his ass after she found out he was cheating, the media swarmed on his first mistress Rachel, showering her with attention and money for interviews. That’s when all of Tigers other gold-digging home-wrecking white trash whores decided that they wanted some media attention and tabloid money too. So the flood gates were opened for all of Tigers jump offs to come out and sell their stories complete with text messages and voice mails.

    Tiger Woods’s car crash was the opening act for his Tiger the Walking STD Show.

  10. He no doubt told his wife he wanted a divorce that night and she was shocked and then he told her about all the “transgressions.” He then walked out of the house and got into the car and she followed him with the golf club and smashed the windows out and he backed into a tree.

    He might have even sustained some injuries. The news talked about him being unconscious for awhile there. No one has seen Tiger since the accident and so he may be recovering from something.

  11. The media jumped all over this story. I live in Germany, and the Tiger story was like ‘Breaking News’!

  12. Whooo cares !!

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