Golf Cart Plows Into Coach/Reporters at Cowboy Stadium!!!!

GOOD QUALITY WITH SLOW MOTION REPLAY! A runaway golf cart comes out of nowhere and hits and plows into coach and reporters. Caught this at the end of the Texas HS 5-A Championship game. Full version showing how the cart got loose. MUST SEE!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “ Golf Cart Plows Into Coach/Reporters at Cowboy Stadium!!!! ”

  1. Somone? lost a leg

  2. wow, that was totally jacked.?

  3. This is totally something I’d do on? GTA.

  4. epic? lolz

  5. The? gif that came out of this clip is pure lulzy goodness.

  6. @Mac1634 oh sweetness I do have a sense of humor, and a great one at that. I just am a little more civilized than to go laughing my head off at absolutely mindless empty things that have no wit or insight, no redeeming value whatsoever – except the promise of being able to witness some innocent person(possibly elderly or child) become seriously maimed or killed. This is reprehensible and a truly sad? commentary on our society that so many people are barbaric enough to be turned on an

  7. I was? here when Dekany vs Steele played and it was so weird seeing that in ur own eyes i was so close to getting it on film but i was talking to someone

  8. why would that guy jump out?

  9. Foos Ro? Dah!!!

  10. The machines are? taking over

  11. @teloyquude A sense of humor-you need one. Badly. “Oh noes,? how violent! People could have been killed by a pseudo-vehicle going <5 mph. My ass is glued to my high-horse so I feel the need to label others as bad people because they find an innocent, honestly harmess viral video funny. Laughing at this video is such a travesty against humanity. It’s nearly equal with supporting slavery or kicking small children in the face.”

    I recommend lowering your opinion of yourself, Your Holiness.

  12. Guy in blue: Mama told me not to try and be a hero! *bails*?

  13. The good news is the Cowboys just signed the? cart to a 5 year 1 million$ Deal.

  14. Why did that guy bail out?

  15. Someone positioned the “pylons” to push on the gas pedal. ?

  16. likee? aaaaa boossssss

  17. i used to steer golf carts but? then >>——{knee}——>arrrow to the knee


  19. Im sorry but i found this funny lol.. Especially the guy who dove out the cart.. Like? he was in a high speed chase or smmn LMAO



  22. this is so fucking funny!!!!!?

  23. I lol’d?

  24. american football is shit ?

  25. 0.08 what a failure of a? fall

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