Exactly why would tiger woods allow people to get on his business about his unfaithfulness to his wife?

People are so nosy to know about his personal business regarding his unfaithfulness toward his wife and i cant stand the media being all over this making lies and making tiger woods fans to go up against tiger woods.

We pay for him to play sports not get on his personal business. We are all casting judgment against tiger woods as if you even know him now the women who was with tigers woods has became famous.

What a nosy world we all live in. Stop peaking into his personal business.

11 Responses to “ Exactly why would tiger woods allow people to get on his business about his unfaithfulness to his wife? ”

  1. Agreed….but unfortunately people live for gossip and scandal and as long as those things keep people entertained they will continue to report it.

  2. well thats what comes with being celebrity… you’ll be watch by everybody.. and hell he gets a so much publicity out of , thats money for him too…

  3. He’s rather well known. It comes with the territory.

  4. You could say the same about any celebrity, really.

    The media has a weird habit of putting people up on pedestals and then reveling in it when they fall. It’s voyeurism, plain and simple.

  5. I could never understand how people even consider golf a sport.

  6. He is a celebrity and the women he chose were not very discreet.

  7. I don’t read magazines or anything which pollutes the mind. I often only find out something because its on the front of Yahoo pages. I certainly dont care. I suppose it is the fact that golf has always been a gentleman’s sport.

  8. This man’s fortune is based on his POPULARITY. His endorsements don’t just come from the fact that he’s an athlete. They come from the fact that people used to adore him, ESPECIALLY WOMEN. I guess when you’re famous, it’s just not as simple as “mind your own business.” It should be, though. I think at the very least the media should be a lot more sensitive to his wife and children than to keep unearthing it. He might have asked for this but THEY didn’t.

  9. Nobody’s peeking, can’t peek at what’s being put on display. Maybe not by him but, by the women he chose to involve himself with. I see the attention as simply the other side of the coin he chose for himself. He may be a great golfer (even the best) but, his money (the bulk of it) was made off of hawking his image, one that was bought and paid for. He and his PR team created an image that was about making as much money as possible, not being honest. Now he’s paying the price for having an image that was so far removed from who he is in reality. You can’t be the all American guy/dad if your slinking off with what ever slut you can find, every chance you get.

    I don’t know tiger woods but, what I do know now is that he lacks integrity.

  10. You said it son… Bro, he did what all guys are supposed to do with their lives… Run through as many chicken heads as they can before they die… The rest of us are suckers for staying faithful, and treating women like anything more than a recepticle.

  11. Thank you for this question. It has been disturbing my mind for some time now. Though, I’m not a fan of Tiger Wood, but what really disturbs me is the way Americans (rather American media/Press) takes the issue of infidelity. I’m a complete African man, though not in support of infidelity, but for God’s sake, when such problem arise, I think the people concerned should be able to settle it between themselves. That’s exactly the way it happened during Pres. Clinton’s regime. If you are so much concerned like this about infidelity in marriage, I think it is high time you started teaching teenagers in your country how to avoid fornication (because, it is very common in most developed country, all in the name of freedom of everything) If you start from there, I think, it will reduce the problem of Cheating, Infidelity or Adultery.

    And please, leave Tiger Woods alone!

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