All You Need To Know About Street Legal Golf Carts

Nowadays, street legal golf carts have become very common. Gone are the days when these mini machines were restricted only to the golf course. Now these vehicles are being legalized on streets and you will find them mostly in golf course communities, retirement homes, resort areas and open ranges and sanctuaries. Today street legal golf carts which are also called as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles have grown increasingly popular.

Most of the state have laws relating to vehicles that are slow moving and electric and are classified as NEV's. There are many advantages to using a street legal golf cart instead of a car such as saving on fuel costs and being more environmentally friendly.

1) It should have a maximum seating capacity for four

2) The vehicle should not have a driving speed of more than 35 mph.

3) Every seat must compulsorily have a seat belt.

4) It must come equipped with reflex reflectors, exterior mirrors, and an interior mirror.

5) It must come with brakes, a windshield, and a vehicle identification number or VIN.

6) The vehicle must have the manufacturer's certificate of origin as a slow speed vehicle.

7) The vehicle's weight must not exceed any more than 2,200 pounds.

8) The cart must come equipped with a headlight, front turn lamps, rear turn lamps, tail lamps, and stop lamps.

Is an electric golf cart beneficial?

Depending upon the voltage of electric golf cart you purchase, you can even charge it in between uses during the night A power outlet would be more than sufficient to charge you electric cart. Like mobile phones, the electric golf carts run on batteries and are easy to charge.

Street legal golf carts provide you with hours of affordable transportation and they are environmentally friendly. To ensure maximum performance and prolong the life of a golf cart, proper maintenance of the lead batteries that are used to power the electric motor is a good idea

What can be a better reason to invest in a street legal golf cart than the fact that it is at least ten times cheaper than the gas powered golf cart. Electric golf carts are much more environment friendly and are one of the best ways to save money.

Street legal golf carts are a great investment that will provide you with hours of affordable transportation indoors as well. The street legal golf carts can virtually be used anywhere, be it at the campground, the lake or in your retirement community, or anywhere else you want.

People are saving fuel, saving the planet and having a little more fun by buying the electric golf cart.

The price for a golf cart could range anywhere between $700 to $6000. It is likely that you could get better rates, should you do your homework and search around a bit.

Different types of golf carts are available in the market. If you take a little trouble and search on the internet, you can get great deals for a standard electric golf cart Make sure that you check on the battery power, suspension, seating capacity, windshield, seat belts, brake lights, rear and front mirrors, turn signals and reflectors on your prospective buy. Remember that you want to buy a specific utility vehicle so you definitely have to make sure that it complies with all the street legal vehicle laws.

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